1-Nebras Pumps Iran and Leo Engineering BV the Netherlands, business development for the supply of six firefighting water pump packages to Tehran Refinery and EPC contractor Chagalish Engineering in Iran 2022 and 2023

2-Staff 59 Italy, business development and introduction of partners to supply ice-cream machinery to Iran, 2022

3-Nardone Pharma Italy, establishing connection with Iranian pharmaceutical product importers such as Cobel Daroo and Cinagen in Iran 2022

4-Kayhan Tearat Pars Pasargad Iran, B2B and drafting business plan for a biodiesel production from used cooking oil plant in Iran with trading company in the UAE, 2022

5-Mavicarno and Payson the Netherlands, animal feed business development in the Oman and UAE, 2022-2023

6-Advance Engineering Services AES India, business development and participation in negotiations for AES engineering services related to two boilers in Tabas Coal Power Plant for Mapna Boiler Company, 2021-2023

7-Newsil the Netherlands, agriculture fertilizer and growth enhancer product based on pure natural ingredients business plan advice and search for agent 2022

8-Nissin Food Japan and Prove Consultancy Japan, noddle and other Japanese food items supply to Iran and Iraq, importers and retail company introduction 2021

9-Handol Pumps Korea, centrifugal pump technology transfer for local production and supply to Namvaran Engineering Company Iran 2021 and 2022

10-Dutch Sprout, greenhouse training and project management. Marketing to search for partners and clients. Assistance in setting up a train the trainers center in Iran 2020-2021

11-Fontera Butter Cooperative New Zealand, making an investigation of the company’s import permit status in the Iranian Ministry of Health and establishing contact between the company and the Iranian Parliament for promoting cooperatives in Iran 2020; Also, investigation on trade situation of butter in Iran and search for illegal Fontera butter in the market 2021

12-Development Solutions Europe, Belgium, assistance in forming the local expert’s team and conducting marketing for European Union’s (EU Commission) Iran online sanctions due diligence tool 2020

13-Dutch Energy Solutions, The Netherlands, local liaison for the Dutch government financed program intended for expansion of energy cooperation between the Netherlands and Iran, organizing trade missions, DES pavilion in Tehran oil fairs, arranging technical trainings, B2B and drafting market development reports 2017-2022

14-New Zealand Trade Enterprise (NZTE), Beach Head advisor for this governmental organization, commercial advice for selected New Zealand companies in Iran and Iraq 2016-2022

15-Italkero Gas Heaters, Italy, B2B and searched for a production joint venture partnership 2020

16-ITC Holland, the Netherlands, assistance in purchase of two loaders from Kayson Construction Company 2019 then another arranging two TD loader purchase deals in 2021 with the same two companies

17-Fresco Powder Handling Systems, New Zealand, marketing, market intelligence and B2B for the company’s dairy, bread, confectionary, detergent and etc. powder handling systems 2019-2023

18-Leo Engineering B.V. and Nebras Pumps Iran, business development and sales arrangement for firefighting pump package to Sazeh Engineering in Bild Boland Gas Treatment project 2019

19-Gusto MST Netherlands Offshore Engineering, yearly marketing, and business development activity, establishing contacts with clients and searching for projects in 2016 and 2017

20-AVK Valves, Denmark, yearly marketing and business development activity, registration in the public company vendor list, organizing seminar and logistics support in 2017 and 2018

21-Subsolar B.V. Netherlands, yearly logistics and business support since 2016. Assistance in concluding a public private agreement PPA with the Ministry of Energy in 2018 

22-Boskalis Westminister, logistics support since 2017

23-Nebras Pumps Iran, business development and project assistance support for the company’s produced fire-fighting packages and cooling pumps 2008-2022

24-Alioto Italy, monthly marketing services. Establishing contact with clients and search for projects in 2016 

25-Pessina Construzioni, Italy, MOU with the Iranian Ministry of Health (MOH) for construction of 10000 bed Arak Hospital and 500 bed Rasht Hospital with financing in 2016           

26-MS Mirab, Spain, Energy Auditing Services in the Iranian Housing Sector, 2013

27-HF Pure Water, USA, for marketing RO systems and project introduction in Iraq and Oman, 2013

28-Mere Technimount Innovation Center, Netherlands and Italy, Business Development for Polyester, Pet and Polyamide, 2011 

29-Tebodin, Netherlands, PAEW Sultanate of Oman- Engineering Review for Construction of Water Distribution Networks for Bisiya, Al Ma'amur and Dakhiliyyah Region

30-IPS Trade, Netherlands, Kala Petrochemical Co.- Actuated Valves, 2011

31-Nebras Iran, Nasr Consortium, South Pars Phase-12, Water Cooling Pump, 2011

32-Crown Pipeline Support Services B.V., Netherlands – Setting up a company in Iran. Provide business development advice on different energy projects in Iran, Iraq and Oman, 2009-2021

33-Samco Financial Advice, Switzerland, arrangement of opening an office and introduction of clients for the companies banking and letter of credit services, first half of 2011

34-Tebodin, Netherlands, Energy and Industries Co., IKIA Phase-2 fueling network conceptual and basic engineering, 2010

35-Tebodin, Netherlands, Hamoun Gostar Co., IKIA Phase-1 Fueling network basic engineering, 2010

36-OTN, Belgium, Setting up a company in Iran. Providing business information and logistics support in Iran and Iraq markets 2010-2021

37-Petrotechna, Canada, Rampco, oil desalter Package Ahwaz/ Asmari Oil Field Project, 2010

38-IPS Trade, the Netherlands, Chagalish, Esfehan Refinery, Control Valves, 2010

39-Interteam, Italy, IOEC, South Pars 17 and 18, Offshore Cable, 2010

40-Petrotechna, Canada, Iran Itok, Serajeh Gas Field, Reboiler Package, 2010

41-Petrotechna, Canada, IPMI/ Petronegin Jonob, South Pars 17 & 18 Project, Condensate Desalter Package, 2009

42-Nijhuis Pompen B.V., Namvaran BIPC NF3 Project, Centrifuge Cooling Water Pumps, 2008

43-FB Process Group B.V., Namvaran BIPC NF3 Project, Pressure Vessels, 2008

44-Crown B.V., Fitting and Flange, Mobin Petrochemical Company 2008