SGPM has partners around the world to provide local logistics and business information services.



USA Based Company

Activity: Legal Advice, Company Registration Services for the USA, Tax Advice


Leo Engineering Pumps

Netherlands Based Company

Activity: Pump Engineering for ASTM and API Compatibility.  Water pumps and firefighting packages


Nebras Pump Manufacturing

Iranian Based Company

Activity: Water Intake and Fire Fighting Pump Package


Crown Pipeline Supply B.V.

Netherlands Based Company

Activity: Pipeline Equipment, Valves, Fittings and Pipes


New Zealand Trade Enterprise (NZTE)

Activity: Trade advice


Hooshiyar Momayez

The Iranian Based Company

Activities: accounting and financial due diligence services


Cyrus Omron Consultants

The Iranian Based Company

Activities: legal, contract and investment services


AES Engineering India

India Based Company

Activities: Basic and detail engineering for power plants and boilers


Sahba and Associates Immigration Consulting Group

Canada and Iran Based Company

Activities: All areas of immigration including Provincial Nominees, Skilled Workers, Business Immigrants, Temporary Workers, and Students


PM Advisory BV

Netherlands Based Company

Activities: Management solutions and planning for sustainability growth in companies and energy transition consultant



Iraqi Based Company

Activity: Marketing in the Iraqi Energy, Electricity and Environment Sectors


BOTRYS Consulting and Marketing

UAE Based Company

Activity: Business development in the UAE energy, agriculture and infrastructure sectors