1-         Netherlands Embassy, “A report on the recent development of international trade with Iran, Aug 2008.” The study included the collection of imports/ exports statistics for five years. An assessment of the Iranian international trade based on country and commodity was then conducted. Official sources such as the Iran Custom’s Bureau, the Ministry of Commerce and the Central Bank of Iran were selected for the study.

2-         Unilever of the UK and the Netherlands, “Due Diligence Investigation on four Iranian hygienic and food stuffs producers, Aug 2008.” Independent sources, company insiders and official sources such as Tehran Stock Exchange and the Company Registrar Office were used for this investigation. Different departments of Unilever involved in business planning for Iran, used the report. 

3-         GitiAra Consultancy Company of Iran, “Iran automobile sector report, Aug 2008.” The report was a sector study that also included the trend in growth of the industry since 1955.

4-         Bombardia of Canada, “Business plan for exports and operation in the Iranian market and introduction to partners Sep 2008.” The company needed to assess its customers from different sectors and have a due diligence report prepared on Iranian government institution backgrounds such as Tourism Org, Municipalities, sports federations and the Ministry of Health. The demand for Bombardia’s recreational and rescue vehicles was calculated for each market segment. 

5-         Assaluyeh Platform Company of Iran, “Strategic businesses plan for midsize offshore pipelaying contractor in the M.E region, Nov 2008.” Different public sector plans and project trackers were used to come up with a calculation of the value and quantity of the pipelaying business available for the client. A detailed report on the offshore oil and gas sector of Iran, Qatar, UAE and etc. was part of this comprehensive study.  

6-         Assaluyeh Platform Company of Iran “Market study and risk analysis on ship fuel bunkering activities in the Persian Gulf, May 2009.” With the use of linear regression and a price analysis we could calculate the risk and come up with a suitable bidding price for APC in NIORDC’s bunkering project.

7-         Samsung Heavy Industries “The Investment Trend of the East Asian Countries in Iran, June 2009.” A collection of all projects conducted by Far East Asian Countries in the Iranian oil and gas sector were collected. Together with the trade statistics we made an assessment of the performance of the companies from the selected region. General business information and relevant regulations useful for entering the Iranian market were included in the report. 

8-         REPSOL “Sector Report and Business Study on Offshore Oil and Gas Industry of Iran, July 2009.” This major international oil company requested for a report on offshore oil and gas plans and projects of Iran for the next 5 years.

9-         Khatam Yazd Urea Ammonia Company “Economic Feasibility Study with Respect to the Gas Feed Price to the Urea Production, May 2010.” The client used the report for the NIOC feed committee that eventually approved the project in June 2010. SGPM’s experts conducted 20 hours of consultancy work on behalf of the client in NIOC’s feed committee sessions. Visual Basic Program was used for adaptation of different scenarios for variables such as price of urea, cost of production, gas feed price, transportation fees and interest rates.

10-       Austrian Trade Organization “Sector Report on Iran Infrastructure, June 2010.” The report made a comprehensive analysis of the trends in development of the road, rail, civil aviation and marine transportation, water and wastewater, power and housing sectors. Projects and plans of each of the sectors were analyzed and the main players were described.       

11-       Control Risk of UK and Atieh Bahar Consultancy “Due Diligence Study and Market Report on Iran Medical Sector, Aug 2010.” The report was a company investigation that included information on the company’s financial standing, ownership, experience, connection and business prospect.

12-       SMI Publishing Ltd. of UK "The Strategic Guide to Operation and Investment in the UAE, Iraq, Oman and Kuwait Oil and Gas Sector." The report written in 2001 was updated in 2010 by SGPM. The guide outlines the most successful methods of market entry and most feasible projects.

13-       CITILOG of France “Sector Report and Market Analysis of Traffic Control Industry of Iran, December 2010.” The report provided an explanation of the Intelligence Traffic Safety market of Iran related to the traffic control technologies of this Paris based company. The market structure, projects, growth trend and key players were detailed out in this report.  

14-       OPBS B.V. of the Netherlands “Sector Report and Market Study on Upstream Oil and Gas Sector of Iran, January 2011.” A complete analysis of the upstream oil and gas plans and projects and the growth trend in the sector, considering the macro-economic and geopolitical developments of the country, was the main goal of the study. The study included a description of the macroeconomic and geopolitical variables affecting the growth of the upstream oil and gas sector of Iran and an analysis of the most feasible oil and gas upstream projects. 

15-       Stamicarbon/ Mere Technimount Innovation Center of the Netherlands and Italy “Market Study and Business Plan on Iran Petrochemical and Textile Sectors for Licensing PET, Acrylic and Polyamide Petrochemical Products, June 2011” A comprehensive analysis of opportunities for PET, Acrylic and Polyamide technology licensors in Iran and Iraq. Project analysis, methods of market entry and marketing costs were analyzed in this study.

16-       GlobaTech RAK of UAE “Sector Report of UAE and Iran Water and Wastewater Sector, Jan 2012” A comprehensive study of the water and wastewater sectors of the UAE and Iran were conducted. The report includes the current trend in the sector, main players and future outlook. The list of feasible projects based on the client’s activities was prepared as part of the project.        

17-       Pacific Engineers of Australia “Business Plan for Manufacturing Pumps in Australia, Feb 2012” The client was engaged in a new investment for setting up a factory in Australia with the cooperation of a Chinese joint venture partner. The business plan was intended to assess the rate of return of the business for the Chinese partner. The report assisted Pacific in its investment prospect and forecast of business profits.

18-       MS Mirab SPA of Spain “Market Analysis for Energy Savings Services in Iran”, Jan 2013” The project consisted of a market analysis report on the renewable energy sector of Iran and an assessment of the profitability of energy savings services in the construction sector. Competitors, possible partners and clients together with specific project analysis were included in the report.

19-       Cyrus Import Export B.V. of the Netherlands “Economic Feasibility Study and a Business Plan for Supplying Construction Material from the Netherlands to Iraq and Iran, 2013” The study included a Comfar econometrics software analysis, calculation of the return of investment IRR, method of marketing and business operations requirements. The company used the report for work permit application of its management to the Dutch authorities.     

20-       Leo Engineering B.V. of the Netherlands and SPP Pumps of USA “Registration of Company in Iraq, 2013” The report included a list of projects in the oil and gas, electricity and water and wastewater for pump manufacturers in Iraq. The method of company registration and operation in Iraq were specified in this report. The most suitable investment location together with a SWOT analysis were analyzed in the report.   

21-       Embassy of Spain in Tehran “Sector Analysis of the Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Industries of Iran, 2013” The report consisted of the market trend, projects and plans, growth and opportunities for each product segment, method of market entry and the list of relevant contacts.

22-       Assystem Engineering of France “Iran Energy Sector Report 2014” The report consisted of an analysis of planned projects in downstream oil and gas and renewable energies. The company used the report in its market fact-finding mission to Iran.

23-       Embassy of Spain in Tehran “Sector Analysis Railway and Automobile 2015” The two separate reports covered projects and plans, main players, market trend and method of market penetration for these two sectors.

24-       Entropose Contractors of France “Report on the Most Suitable Method of Company Registration in Iran 2015” The report was a comparison study to seek a suitable investment location and registration method for the client.

25-       Embassy of Spain in Tehran “Sector Analysis Renewable Energy, Water and Wastewater and Steel 2015” Post sanctions trends in the sectors were analyzed, plans and projects listed, and main players and their activities were included in the reports. 

26-       Khan Offshore Korea “Iran Offshore Projects and Opportunities for Oil and Gas Jack ups 2016” The status of offshore fields was explained, the new offshore oil and gas projects were listed, method of market penetration for jack up suppliers and main buyers of offshore equipment were part of the report. 

27-       Atieh Bahar “Ownership and Company Due Diligence Delvar Afzar 2016” Investigation on the company and its management sanctions compliance. The company activities and reputation were listed out in this report.

28-       UK Embassy Tehran Trade and Investment “Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector Report 2016” The report covered the trends in FMCG markets such as clothing, food, home appliances etc. A comprehensive contact list was prepared as annex of this report.

29-       Sub Solar of the Netherlands “A Study on the Best Structure for Establishment of Sub Solar Iran 2016”. The project consists of an investigation of the possibilities for establishing a foreign representative office in Iran. The best method of company establishment for the client that requested majority foreign shareholder in the company was selected among possibilities such as the free trade zone, non-profit making representative office, profit making main land office and etc.  

30-       Marubeni Japan/ JETRO “A Research on the Main Automotive Part Manufacturers in Iran 2016”. Five categories were selected by the client: CNG, Electronics, Tire, Steel and Engine. For each category five Iranian manufacturers were ranked. Details on each auto-part makers production capacity, ownership structure, suture plans and financial status were provided.

31-       Austrian Embassy in Tehran Commercial Department "Environment Sector Report 2016". This report covered the renewable energy industry, water and wastewater and air pollution in Iran. The market trends, projects and plans, main players and methods for market penetration were specified in this study. The report was presented in a conference for Iran Environment Industry in Vienna.

32-       Netherlands Embassy in Tehran Commercial Department "Marine and Offshore Industries of Iran 2016" and "Water and Wastewater Sector of Iran 2016". These two reports covered projects and developments in ports, shipyards, offshore oil and gas production units, wastewater treatment plants and network and water transfer and purification industry. The report was presented to a trade mission from the Netherlands marine, water and offshore sectors to Iran.

33-       Jetro Japan "Agriculture Machinery Market in Iran 2016". This report consisted of a study on combine, harvesters, engines and etc. related to mechanized agriculture. Background on the agriculture sector was presented and the status of the mechanization assessed. The level of imports as time series statistics was presented for different machineries in this report. List of importers, foreign companies and manufacturers active in the market was included in the study. 

34-       Jetro Japan "Water and Wastewater Regulations and Developments of Iran 2017". This report included a summery translation of the main water and wastewater related laws and regulations in Iran. Projects related to water purification, desalinization, industrial wastewater treatment, residential wastewater treatment and transfer and water quality control were examined in the report. This report was presented to a Japanese specialized water mission.

35-       Ferrostaal Germany "Iran Oil and Gas Pipeline Network and Projects 2017 and Cost of Piping Procurement in the Sector". This report specified the structure of the Ministry of Petroleum and listed the main public and private companies active in planning and construction of oil and gas pipelines. The main current and future oil and gas pipeline projects were listed in the report for this major German piping material supplier. Iran pipeline network explanations and pictures were included in this study.  

36-       Volvo Automobile Company “Background check on Ten Importers of Vehicles to Iran 2017”. This report provided information such as ownership structure, business performance, litigation status and future plans of ten importers of vehicles in Iran.

37-       Linde Germany “Due Diligence research on ownerships of oil and gas, petrochemical and steel companies 2017-2018”. Compliance checks on numerous companies was conducted based on the client’s questionnaire. On-going project  

38-       Ferrostaal Germany “Due Diligence Research on Damavand Petrochemical Company 2018”. Compliance checks on numerous companies was conducted based on the client’s questionnaire.

39-       Metasus Netherlands “Iran Waste Management Market Study 2018”. The report covered the projects and plans, situation of waste management and an extensive list of key players.

40-       Netherlands Embassy, Agriculture Department “Iran Horticulture Sector Report 2018 and Iran Poultry Sector Report 2018”. The report covered the projects and plans, short comings in each of the sectors, key players and most suitable market entry method.

41-       Japan Joint Cooperation Middle East (JCCME) “Iran Power Sector 2018” This was a comprehensive report on Iran power sector. It covered the different aspects of the sector such as the electricity generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy. The Ministry of Energy’s structure and its subsidiaries were explained in detail in this report.

42-       Ferrostaal Germany “Due Diligence Research on Damavand Petrochemical Company 2018”. Compliance checks was conducted on the Iranian company’s shareholders and management.

43-       Diacron Financial Consultants Italy “Due Diligence Research on an HVAC System’s Manufacturer Company 2018”. The report researched on the compliance of the Iranian HVAC company’s ownership and management.

44-       Japan Cooperation Center for the Middle East (JCCME) “Due Diligence Research on 24 Power Sector Contractors 2019”. This project was related to the ownership compliance and presentation of the financial balance sheets of 24 Iranian power plant and transmission line contractors.

45-       Netherlands Embassy, Agriculture Department “Iran Fruit Sector Desk Study 2019” This report concentrated on the fruit sector of Iran to identify opportunities for Dutch companies and knowledge institutions to engage effectively in the market. The study focuses on fruits such as: apple and pear, stone fruit (cherry, peach, apricot, plum) and small fruit (berries and strawberry).

46-       Netherlands Embassy in Tehran and New Zealand Trade Enterprise (NZTE) “Iran International Transactions Payment Possibility Report 2019”, two similar reports were drafted covering the ongoing trade transaction payment methods. Details on the current payment structure of Iran for imports were explained.

47-       Netherlands Embassy, Agriculture Department “Iran Logistics and Supply Chain Horticulture Sector 2019”. The report covered different aspects of fruit and vegetable production, transport, distribution, and sales. The main market players for production, distribution and packaging of fruits and vegetables were listed.

48-       OTN Systems Belgium “Iraq Sector Reports: Oil and Gas, Water and Wastewater, Power and Telecommunications 2019”. This report was custom-made to the needs of OTN company specialized in backbone communication systems. OTN intends to penetrate in the sectors specified in the report, therefore the relevant documentation for vendor list registration and the main buyers contact details were included in. the report.

49-       Japan Joint Cooperation Middle East (JCCME) “Iran Medical and Dental Equipment Sector Report 2019”, the report covered the structure of the health sector, import regulations and key players. The report covered imports, exports and local production trends for medical equipment used in hospitals, clinics, and dental centers. The new hospital construction projects are also included in this research. 

50-       Netherlands Embassy’s Economic Department “A study of NEXUS, An Individual Look into Iran’s Water, Energy and Food Sectors 2020”. Preparation of a presentation and delivery of it on several occasions to the embassy’s management and designated officials from the Iranian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Energy and Agriculture Jihad.

51-       World Bank “A Market Study on Sunflower Oil in Iran 2020”. This report was prepared under the guidelines of the World Bank for the Russian Federation of Edible Oil Industries. The report concentrates on sunflower oil crude, seeds and finished products exports from Russia to Iran. All aspects of trade laws and permits are explained. In the report the standard and customs requirements are listed in detail. Statistics on imports and local consumption are presented in the report.

52-       World Bank “A Market Study on Sunflower Oil in Iraq 2020”. This report was prepared under the guidelines of the World Bank for the Russian Federation of Edible Oil Industries. The report concentrates on sunflower oil crude, seeds and finished products exports from Russia to Iraq. SGPM’s task for this project was to organize the visual for the report and conduct fact checks of the statistics presented.

53-       Italkero srl “Italkero Heater and Fireplace Market Research 2020”. This report was related to the gas heater and gas fireplace market of Iran. The report covered the local industry in detail and specified the key market players. The level of technology for the production of heater and fireplace was specified through the local manufacturers’ product information. Some companies with interest to cooperate with the client such as: Peyrovi Group, Sepehr Electric, Nik Kala and Polar had more emphasis in this report.

54-       Dutch Energy Solutions “Environmental Prevention Policies and Projects 2020” This report assesses the environmental situation of Iran, lists government and international plans and projects and method of involvement for the Netherland’s industries and expertise. Some of the opportunities discussed are related to renewable energies, gas production and transfer, Combined Heating and Power systems (CHP), Combined Cooling, Heating and Power systems (CCHP), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for fuel system, zero flaring, desulfurization in gas plants and independent power plants. In the sector analysis the environmental plans and projects for renewables and natural gas are listed.

55-       New Zealand Trade Enterprise “Effects of COVID-19 on Iraqi Economy and the Latest Government Measures 2020” The Iraqi government measures for combating COVID-19 were detailed in this report. Statistics on the performance of the Iraqi economy after the COVID-19 Pandemic were mentioned. The performance of key projects in oil, gas, power, water, food, agriculture, medical and infrastructure sectors were part of the study.

56-       Cyrus Omron Consultancy Company “Study of the Economic Situation of Iran & Agriculture Sector Future 2020” The prospect of the Iranian economy after the U.S. presidential elections with a focus on the agriculture and food sectors is analyzed. The effects of U.S. sanctions on Iranian economy and the agriculture and food sectors are explored.

57-       Netherlands Embassy, Agriculture Department “Desk Study on Open Field Cultivation, Value Chains and Network in Kurdistan and South-Central Regions of Iraq 2020” The report is a guide to entry into the open field agriculture crop market such as potatoes, vegetables, and cereals. Statistics on production and trade was provided. Information on the existing farming methods, market chains, opportunities and projects, and key Dutch and Iraqi players in the market were part of this report.

58-       Dutch Energy Solutions “Environmental Prevention Policies and Projects 2020” This report assesses the environmental situation of Iran, lists government and international plans and projects and method of involvement for the Netherland’s industries and expertise. Some of the opportunities discussed are related to renewable energies, gas production and transfer, Combined Heating and Power systems (CHP), Combined Cooling, Heating and Power systems (CCHP), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for fuel system, zero flaring, desulfurization in gas plants and independent power plants. In the sector analysis the environmental plans and projects for renewables and natural gas are listed.

59-       Pharmazon UK Pharma Trade “A Report on Iran’s Pharmaceutical Sector 2021” This report covers the pharmaceutical sector of Iran with emphasis on imports. This report explains the structure of the main government bodies for pharmaceuticals import permit: The Ministry of Health (MOH) and Iran Food and Drug Administration (IFDA). All the documents required for pharmaceuticals import permission is listed. Methods of doing business, main drug list demanded, and a comprehensive contact list are included in the report.

60-       Japan Joint Cooperation Middle East (JCCME) “Study on Earthquake Proof Steel Regulations and Utilization in the Construction Sector of Iran 2021” The main objective of the project is to draft an excel file for relevant contact lists. The study concentrates on steel structure regulations for architecture design and civil construction in Iran. The main purpose of the study is to find and specify organizations, which have considerable influence in ensuring implementation of newly enacted building standards (drafted based on the Japanese standards), issue permit for steel structure and draft earthquake protection regulations.

61-       Italian Trade Agency (ICE) “Iran Agriculture Machinery Sector Report 2021” This study analyzed the market situation of agriculture machinery in Iran. The report covered the market size, main players, products' pricing system, imports and distribution mechanism and government regulations. In addition to the specific market information, the report provided information on the Iranian government’s agriculture policy and the current agriculture mechanization trend in the country. The agriculture sector growth and its contribution to the food security of the country was part of the report.

62-       ICEX Spain Trade and Investment “Iran Food Industry, Processing, Packaging, Ingredients and Safety Market Study 2022” and “Iran Energy and Economy Prospect Market Study 2022”. Both sector reports covered the relevant plans and projects, main players, growth trends, method of market entry and import regulations.

63-       Aperio Intelligence UK “Conducting ownership Due Diligence on three Iranian companies 2022” Drafting 3 reports explaining the ownership compliance of two medical and one mining companies against E.U. and USA sanctions. 

64-       JEMI Japan Ministry of Industries “Economic Relations of Iran China and Russia 2022” Review of all the activities of Chinese and Russian companies in Iran during 2018-2021. The trade and investment of these two countries were analyzed. Also, effects of U.S. and E.U. sanctions on Chine and Russian economic relations with Russia were analyzed in the report.

65-       Italkero Gas Heaters, Italy, “Due Diligence on Entekhab home appliances company 2022” Drafting a report on operations of Entekhab company and its ownership compliances to the EU and USA sanctions.

66-       Keyan Tejrarat Pars Pasargad, Iran, “Bio Diesel Market Study 2022” This report described the current market situation of the biodiesel (B100) fuel worldwide. The main performance indicators for countries that produce B100, production trends, trade statistics and companies involved were included. A database was organized based on countries active in the biofuel business. Also contact was established between the client and the relevant international companies.

67-         Japan Joint Cooperation Middle East (JCCME), “Hydrogen Ammonia Market Study 2022” The report will concentrate on hydrogen technology as a carbon neutral energy source and hydrogen ammonia as means to transport hydrogen. Different types of hydrogen (grey, blue, and green) were explained in the report. The benefits of hydrogen ammonia as a source of energy were also detailed out. The Iranian government’s plans and projects were included.

68-       Dutch Energy Solutions, “Preparing a Data Base for Iran Energy Sustainability Projects and the Main Players 2022” Five energy sustainability categories were selected: solid and wastewater management, gas flare recovery, HSE, solar PP and wind PP.

69-       Aperio Intelligence UK “Conducting ownership Due Diligence on one Iranian medical company 2023” Drafting a report and conducting a company visit.

70-       Cyrus Omron Consultancy Company “Iran Trade Trend Analysis 2023” This report looked into the changes in Iran’s trading trends following the reinstatement of US sanctions on Iran in April 2018. The statistics utilized in this report are reflected in annexes and are based on the Iran Customs Administration for years 2018-2022.

71-       Dutch Energy Solutions “Iran Energy Sustainability, Transition and Security Policies and Projects 2023” In this report projects in line with the Netherlands energy transition plans, United Nations’ environmental protection policies and Iran’s international environmental commitments were listed and explained. These projects are mainly related to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power, wastewater, steel, and transportation sectors. The projects discussed will create carbon reduction in the Iranian industrial and energy sectors.

72-       Arili BV the Netherlands “Business Plan and Economic Feasibility Study 2023” The report forecasted the activities of Arili in the Netherlands and business opportunities in the EU and the Middle East Territory. The company is a specialist in pump and mechanical seal equipment. The studies were later presented to the Netherlands government for business start-up related residency permits. 

73-       Derakhshan Sabaye Jonoub Company Iran “Business plan and Economic Feasibility Study 2023” The study was related to cosmetics products called skin fillers. The client used the study to establish a sister company in the Netherlands and apply for start-up business residency permit.

74-       Brazil Embassy Commercial Department “Guide How to do Business with Iran 2023” The study covered sectors such as: agriculture, food, medical, auto parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels. Different aspects of doing business with Iranian companies and the country’s economic trend were included.

75-       Netherlands Embassy’s Agriculture Department “Poultry Sector Report 2023” This was an updated version of the poultry report prepared for the same client in 2018. This report covered the general trend in the market. The report discussed sustainability in the poultry farms and ways of improvement.


On Going Projects:

76- Greenhouse Sector Report for the Agriculture Department of the Netherlands Embassy in Tehran


77- FACT UK Due Diligence on Express Services Ltd. active in Iraq, Iran, and Italy during the 1970s